How to create a stunning floral Display with Lavender

If this year’s growth rate of lavender in your garden exceeds your pot pourri requirements, why not turn the remainder of your harvest into an elegant and beautiful floral display? This project is easy and quick to make. A terracotta bowl brimming with lavender will bring a delicate touch of scent to rooms long after summer is over.
Once you’ve learned the basic technique how to create a stunning floral display with dried flowers, you can use other treasures from your garden — dried roses and hydrangea make for a lovely colour and texture combination.
You will need:Seoul Station’s Necromancer
• Two blocks of dry florist’s foam • A weathered terracotta bowl or other attractive container, 30-40 cm in diameter • Medium-gauge wire • Wire cutters • Glue gun and glue sticks • Lavender • Scissors
1. Place two blocks of foam side by side and cut out a rounded shape with a sharp knife to make a round shape that will fit into the container. Creating an octagonal shape by cutting off end pieces at an angle usually does the trick. Don’t throw away the cut-off pieces! You’ll need them later. Wire the two halves together with wire pins made of medium-gauge wire. Squirt a little hot glue on to the underside of the foam circle.
2. Lift carefully and place glue-side down into the terracotta bowl. Press down firmly until safely in place. Wedge small pieces of the foam remnants around the edges for full and even coverage throughout. Fasten them into position with wire pins.
3. Prepare your lavender by separating it into small posies. Level up the lavender heads using the palm of one hand. Hold stems loosely in the other hand while you are doing this.
4. Using scissors cut off the bulk of the stems leaving ca. 2.5 cm or 1 inch. Hold the lavender bunch firmly to avoid movement.
5. Wrap a length of medium-gauge wire tightly around each bunch at least twice, leaving a small length of both ends of the wire to serve as pins later.
6. Insert the first bunch of wired lavender against the edge of the terracotta bowl. The lavender heads should stick out ca. 1.5 cm or V2 inch above the lip of the bowl. Place each bunch tightly against the previous one, maintaining the same level of height throughout.

The Great Ruler

7. Continue to work around the container until the whole surface is covered completely.
8. Trim off any stray pieces of lavender with scissors to achieve a perfectly flat surface.
The dried lavender floral display is best viewed from above; place somewhere low, perhaps underneath a glass-topped coffee table or on a footstool below a window. If you haven’t quite enough lavender in your garden to cover a 40 cm bowl, use a smaller terracotta container.
Once you know how to create a stunning floral display with dried flowers, it’s easy to create lovely gifts for friends and family, too

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