review of Tales of Demons and Gods light novel

Hi guys! I guess it’s finally here, huh. I apologise in every the unpredictable delivering and timing TDG’s sections have already been for the past several months…

review of Tales of Demons and Gods light novel

Next, for individuals who doesn’t recognize, Chapter 444 will be the latest chapter that TDG’s organic provides. Today which also means that we’ve swept up using the latest chapter… Oh Section 445 only came out only. Let’s carry on! One page once a month, with TDG is going, the author simply releases. Yeah, you notice me right, once per month.

This is a ridiculously long journey for nearly 1 me personally 5 year long vacation! I never expect myself to last in converting considering I get bored of stuff, way too long quickly. Many things happened through this 1 5 year… only completed my 24 days of police training, thus graduating as an established policeman! I have to appreciate Ren for correcting my bad links while I’m in camping. During my education interval, I’d to stay in camp from Monday to Friday with no entry to pc whatsoever, so I may just change within the weekend and plan them up for posting. Ahem, let’s start again. Often, as I’m also tired when I’m out from camping to check after translating 5 chapters in the weekend, I scheduled once I did not do it right occasionally negative link and the posts happens. While that occurs, Ren or Yn5an3 would arrive at the recovery to correct the bad links for me, so… appreciate them!!

It wasn’t simple to handle the 24 weeks of instruction, being thus dead-tired everytime I’m residence around the weekends with less than 48-hours of my own personal moment and yet, being forced to read 5 chapters (excluding The Great Leader sections:R). Nevertheless, I’m thankful I somehow managed to get it done.

With Tales of Gods‘ slow-release and Demons, I will be focusing more To The Great Ruler since Stories of Challenges and Gods‘ sections are only hitting theaters one per month.

From in a few days onward, The Great Ruler is going to be pleasant contributions of $60/part. There will be 3 assured free sections per-week and extra chapters will have to rely on contributions. The gift button is likely to be popped once again, which was formerly sealed because of me entering police education. And before going into the school, as I’ve offered, 24 days of Gods‘ sections without any donations and Tales of Struggles expected accomplished! For once, I’ve fulfilled my offer, eh? xD

Anyways, translating Stories of Gods and Demons was fun, and that I expect so I’ll manage to change his releasing tempo could increase! Tales of Gods‘ and Struggles new sections can have concern, which means when new sections are released in raws, I’ll edited asap and do my best to own it translated! Do support the second novel which I’ve taken over from The Great Ruler, Jn19930

Thankyou for the assistance in Tales of Gods and Challenges for your past one 5 year!
I’ll see you tomorrow for next month for phase 446 and chapter 445!

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