The hidden secret of “Parasite site” backlinks

The purpose of backlinks is to get your site indexed, crawled, and marketed on other sites, platforms, blogs, directories so that enough people will take notice of what you are offering. 

Since you will need from 100s to 1000s of relevant, valuable backlinks in the form of blog comments, articles, link submissions, outreach to other sites you may use automation software to save you valuable time in creating backlinks and spreading the submission of backlinks over a couple or more weeks. Building backlinks too quickly may hurt your site. However parasite sites can take the higher backlink building velocity over fewer weeks. 

Against the gods

Parasite sites are sites that have long standing domain authority and are filled with viral, popular content. Search engines see some of those parasite sites as eternally relevant with content and domain authority. You can build content on these sites and rank it quick even in 2016 with enough backlinks to those parasite pages. Examples of parasite sites are: youtube, amazon product pages, facebook, tumblr, instagram, twiter, and vimeo to name a few. Make sure you are using your primary keywords as well as relevant secondary ones when building your content on those parasite pages on parasite sites. Build backlinks to those contents as well and thus create a tiered web of backlinks that will pass on authority to those pages and to your main money website.

Tiered link building means you build backlinks to your main website, and you build backlinks to your backlinks.

Ten Untapped Backlink Sources

Backlinks are and will be an important segment of SEO. Ten untapped sources for your backlinks that will help you reach more visitors and raise the relevancy of your site are; Kill the lights

  1. Audio sharing sites

Audio sharing sites are easy to submit your site to, and their high authority in the SERPs boosts your site’s authority. You can create a piece of music using free music software online and submit it along with a link back to your site. Use an appropriate audio format when uploading.


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