Tokyo Ghoul manga Vol 5 review

In Tokyo Ghoul Vol 5, Kaneki, Nishio and Touka fight to come together to save their human pal Kimi while Ghoul Investigator deaths skyrocket in wards 9 through 12. Everything leads to an increase in CCG agents and an elevated danger of Ghouls. As supports are called in on either side, the stakes are unexpectedly higher than actually.

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My least favored and creepiest character gets loads of time to courtroom his favorite meal Kaneki in this latest volume in the Tokyo Ghoul collection. Shuu Tsukiyama would typically   be considered a controversial character but in an already black show like Tokyo Ghoul, is something really off limits?

Juuzou Suzuya makes his advent in chapter 47 after working in to Kaneki and stealing his wallet. We later see the twisted nature of Juuzou who’s later detained and questioned. Nonetheless, it turns out he is a member of CCG. Another bonus of the Vol is a short side story of Rize, the type who commenced Kaneki down the course to become a half Ghoul.

There were a lot of new figures to keep track of   but the intensity of the scenes with Kaneki, Nishio and Touka striving to conserve Kimi stole the show in this volume. This is also the stage in which Kaneki finds his purpose and guts for the very first time as a 1/2-ghoul when he lets Touka to feed on him in order to get the strength to overcome Tsukiyama and conserve Kimi.

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