What Happens Next In Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei light novel?

The Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei light novel is the story about Deku, the normal kid in the superpowered world. He was told in his younger age that he will not develop a quirk, or a super power, ever in the first volume, crushing his life long dream of being a hero. The next volume continues his journey.
After a while, Deku gains a quirk (surprise!) but his past does not leave him. His mental make up is already that of a bullied and jumpy kid. Meanwhile, his passion for heroes (and record them in his personal journal) is still there, so he has this tendency to rush into anyone that is in dangerous situations, even if it is stupid. Super powered or not, this kid will not turn a blind eye on anyone, ever. That is indeed a dangerous quality, but it just might get people saved.
All Might is another major character in the series. He is the center of this show, this world. He is the one that cut the crime rate significantly by himself. It is imaginable that if people are given the super powers generally, some of them will use it for crimes, and some of them will use it to fight off crimes. All Might is just the typical North American comic superhero, he is big, he is strong, he is fast, he smiles constantly and he has an eye catching costume. He is the Japanese version of Superman. In fact, most of his moves are named after the real location in the America, like Detroit Smash, for example. All in all, he is the symbol of peace.
This guy is also the character I like the most in this series. Although there are only a few characters with the limelight on him, his presence is constant throughout the series, just like how Harry’s mom and dad enchanted the whole series just by appearing in a few pages in the Douluo dalu novel.

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